Camus, Albert

Speeches: The speech in Stockholm For delivery of the Nobel Camus exposes his ideas about art and the role of the writer: "Art is not a joy for me alone. It is a way to move the greatest number of men ... "The artist is thus virtually compelled to open the world to share joys, sorrows and struggles with his contemporaries, and to create isolation. He is caught in this back and forth hard for him to manage, as Jonah was more and more difficult to paint, unable to resist all the thieves of time. It is well positioned "midway of beauty which he can not do without and the community to which he can not tear. " The speech of Upsala The theme of the second speech is to address the role of art in society of his time and the relationship between art and society, a topic that will generate highly risky in the question and answer exchange ’ muscular ’with a young Algerian nationalist which earned him a replica against him long. For him, time artists ’irresponsible’, which create their own bubble, cut off from society, no longer valid. While in some ways, we can regret it like that and ultimately it is a chance for them to become more accountable and authentic. For says he, "the freedom of art is not worth much when it has no other meaning than the comfort of the artist. " Quite the dilemma of the artist to be virtually the same time integrated into the world outside, or as Camus said, "solitary and solidarity. "

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Ilmestymisvuosi: 1958

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