Born In The 70s

Tapper, Lucy

A memory-packed hardback gift book full of nostalgia, recounting not only memories from the decade of birth, but also memories from the decade of the formative teenage years. The perfect, meaningful gift for someone ’born in the 70s’.
The 1970s and 80s were two incredible decades, from decimalisation to mobile phones. Born In The 70s will bring back many memories and literally put a smile on everyone’s face!
Over two years of research has gone into creating this incredible gift. Covering two decades (1970s and 1980s), the book has beautifully illustrated and colourful double-page spreads, including the foods eaten, the hairstyles experimented with, and the clothes worn, possibly with regret! With a luxury soft touch cover and space for a handwritten personal message in the front, it’s a real celebration of the world that shaped the recipient.
Born In The 70s will evoke wonderful feelings and memories as time spent in the school playground, radio listened to, TV shows loved, games played, music from the period, movies watched, cars travelled in and the cutting-edge technology of the day are all recalled, accompanied by photos from two decades.
Six titles are available: Born In The 40s, Born In The 50s, Born In The 60s, Born In The 70s, Born In The 80s and Born In The 90s.
Made with paper & love, from you to me.

Why we love it

This is the most amazing gift you could give someone Born In The 70s, no matter what the occasion. The soft touch cover enhances the luxury feel of the gift, which is packed with information that takes the recipient on a wonderful journey down memory lane. Everyone is guaranteed to say, ’I remember that!’.


Kustantaja: UKBooks
Sidosasu: Kovakantinen
ean: 9781907860782
Ilmestymisvuosi: 2022

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